Watch MGMT Play 5 Little Dark Age Songs Outside At Jimmy Kimmel

The people at Jimmy Kimmel Live have been nice enough to build a whole outdoors set — a festival stage, basically — for performances from bigger bands. If the musical act is popular enough, they’ll play outside, and at least a few hundred fans will get to see them play in a parking-lot-sized lot. Often, the band will play an extra song for the fans on hand, and the Kimmel people will put video of that second performance up online. But why stop at two songs? MGMT didn’t stop at two songs.

The starry-eyed psych-rock lifers released their Little Dark Age album earlier this year, and they were musical guests on Kimmel last night. On the show proper, they played the gooey, synth-driven title track. But the fans who came through the outdoor stage got to see the band play what basically amounts to a full festival set. On that stage, they played five songs from the new album — not just “Little Dark Age” but also “When You Die,” “James,” “TSLAMP,” and “Me And Michael.”

I always wonder about the people who show up for those outdoor performances. Kimmel tapes during the daytime, so you’re spending a weekday afternoon, maybe taking off work, to go see a band you like play two songs in the sunlight in downtown Los Angeles, with cameras all around. Is that worth the time? For a lot of people, I guess it is. But it’s cool to see MGMT paying off their fans’ efforts. Watch the performances below.

Little Dark Age is out now on Columbia.