Watch Courtney Barnett Rock Out “Nameless, Faceless” On The Tonight Show

Watch Courtney Barnett Rock Out “Nameless, Faceless” On The Tonight Show

If you play scratchy, chaotic guitar music and your hair is long enough, there’s a good chance that, when you’re playing a guitar solo, you dangle that hair down into your face and sort of shake it around, as if you were both trying to conceal your identity and fend off bees. Courtney Barnett has always done that move. But last night, in her capacity as musical guest on The Tonight Show, Barnett did that move so hard that she was basically headbanging. It was awesome.

Today, Barnett releases the new LP Tell Me How You Really Feel, which is somehow only her second studio album as a solo artist. Right around the time the album hit streaming services, Barnett appeared on The Tonight Show to perform “Nameless, Faceless,” its excellent first single. And while the album is a bit more languid and diffuse than its predecessor, Barnett absolutely rocked the fuck out on The Tonight Show, playing as hard as possible and, over the course of the song, shouting herself hoarse.

Barnett was one of two charming women on The Tonight Show last night. The other was Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon’s old Weekend Update co-anchor, who will host Saturday Night Live this weekend. (Paul Bettany, the shittiest part of every Avengers movie that he’s been in, was also on.) Watch Barnett’s performance below.

Tell Me How You Really Feel is out now on Mom+Pop.

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