Stream Vitamin X Age Of Paranoia

The Dutch hardcore band Vitamin X have been around for more than two decades, playing a supremely fun and nasty form of old-school hardcore. They’ve recorded a couple of albums with Steve Albini, and they’ve worked with luminaries like Negative Approach’s John Brannon. Even though all four members of the band are straight-edge, their sound isn’t what we commonly associate with straight-edge. Instead, it’s a raw, scuzzy, metal-influenced scrawl of a sound, on with at least a little bit of Motörhead in it. Today, the band comes back with Age Of Paranoia, their first new album since 2012’s About To Crack. It’s a beautifully nasty blast of rawness, and both Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis and Void’s Bubba Dupree play guest guitar solos. You can stream the whole thing below.

Age Of Paranoia is out now on Southern Lord.

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