Stream The New Hardcore Compilation Infection 1

Stream The New Hardcore Compilation Infection 1

There is an absolutely thriving DIY punk and hardcore underground thriving around the world right now, and if you’re not already deeply immersed in it, it’s easy to miss a lot of the stuff happening there. The internet has made it easy for bands from different countries or continents to link up together, and a compilation like the brand-new Infection 1, from the Norwegian label Byllepest Distro, serves a vital function, bringing together a bunch of different bands from different places.

Infection 1 is a full album dedicated to four different bands: Oslo’s Negativ, Bogota’s Muro, Montreal’s Gazm, and Philadelphia’s Blank Spell. All four bands contribute three new songs apiece, so it’s basically a four-way split. The four bands don’t sound too much like each other, but they’re all wild and feverish and worth hearing. I like the Blank Spell tracks the most, but your mileage may vary. Stream the full compilation below.

Infection 1 is out now on Byllepest Distro.

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