Stream Macho Boys Macho Boys

Stream Macho Boys Macho Boys

Portland punks Macho Boys plays sharp, slashing, fast-as-hell hardcore. Their whole attack — fast, rigorous, trebly, lo-fi — explicitly recalls the early-’80s days of hardcore’s inception, and there’s a whole lot of Minor Threat in their jagged little melodies. The members of the band have all been kicking around Portland’s punk scene for a while, and guitarist Chris Mason has played in the fun-as-hell garage-punk band Low Culture. But Macho Boys (only half of whom seem to identify as boys) do their thing with the frothy urgency of teenagers. The band’s brand-new self-titled debut has a song about Stone Cold Steve Austin, which is a very good way to endear me to your band. But even without any odes to the Bionic Redneck, it is a ripshit piece of punk rock, and you can stream it below.

Macho Boys is out now on Sabotage Records.

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