A$AP Rocky’s New Album Testing Apparently Out This Week

A$AP Rocky’s New Album Testing Apparently Out This Week

An album rollout has the ability to make or break the album itself— it can help contextualize the work, expand its reach and surrounding buzz, or, in some cases, overwhelm and eclipse the thing it’s trying to promote (see: Arcade Fire’s Everything Now). Last night A$AP Rocky revealed the cover art for his forthcoming album with a stunt — er, performance art piece — in which he carried out odd tasks while locked in a clear box at Sotheby’s in New York City. He dunked himself into ice water while wearing a full suit, obeyed recorded instructions, did pull-ups, and answered quick questions from the audience like a very unimpressive David Blaine.

If this is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for a confusing LP. His recent releases are a bit of a mixed bag, including the more experimental Moby-sampling “A$AP Forever” and “Herojuana Blunts,” which sounds more like 2011 A$AP. The new album is called Testing. You can see Rocky introduce its artwork around 2:17:00 in the video below.

Rocky also posted an Instagram with the caption 525. Complex, which just published a feature on the rapper, has confirmed that means Control drops 5/25, this Friday.

Also, A$AP Rocky sounds like a jerk.

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