Stream Dark Thoughts Live! On WKDU

In 2016, the Philly band Dark Thoughts released a self-titled album full of charged-up, deeply catchy Ramones-style pop-punk bangers. It instantly made them a sensation of sorts on the DIY punk underground. Right now, Dark Thoughts are working on their second album Dark Thoughts At Work. And they’ve found an innovative way to share their songs when they’re in their early stages. On cassette releases Halloween Tape and Winter Tape, they’ve sold quick, dirty, lo-fi versions of some of those songs. They’ve posted those tapes on Bandcamp, but then, before long, they’ve taken them down. You get to hear them quickly, and then you don’t get to hear them anymore, unless you buy the download or the actual physical tape.

They’ve done it again. On their new cassette release Live! On WKDU, Dark Thoughts spend seven minutes blasting through four of the songs that will appear on Dark Thoughts At Work. The band recorded the songs live-in-studio on the Drexel University station, and they’re all tight and sharp and fun. Hearing them in this context probably won’t be as good as hearing them on the actual album, and that probably won’t be as good as seeing them live. But it’s still something. Listen to the tape below.

You can buy Live! On WKDU at Bandcamp.