Watch Franz Ferdinand’s Slick, Charismatic Jimmy Kimmel Live Performances

The promotional tour behind Franz Ferdinand’s new album Always Ascending has been an absolute blast, since it’s served as a reminder that the Scottish band remains one of the suavest, most viscerally fun live acts out there. And while a classic singalong like “Take Me Out” is always going to be the highlight of a Franz Ferdinand live set, the new songs have been translating just fine to the stage. Last night, the band got another chance to prove it, as they played a whole bunch of new songs on the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage.

Lately, it seems that Kimmel has been trying something new with its outdoor festival stage. When bands come through, they play one song to air on the show, and then they play another handful of joints for the live crowd and for the internet. (MGMT did it last week.) On the show proper, Franz Ferdinand did the recent single “Glimpse Of Love.” But the show has also shared video of them playing four other Always Ascending songs on that outdoor stage.

The big stage gave frontman Alex Kapranos plenty of room to dance, and he took full advantage. Kapranos, always a dynamic presence, looked cool as hell — charcoal suit, puffy hair, bolo tie — and he brought a whole lot of the sort of energetic rock-star swagger that we don’t often see anymore. Watch the whole performance below.

Always Ascending is out now on Domino.