Goon – “Choke Throat”

LA rock four-piece Goon came out with their first EP Dusk of Punk in 2016 and followed it up with Happy Omen last October. Come July, Goon’s new label Partisan Records will be releasing the two EPs as a single vinyl LP. The album will include two unreleased tracks, one of which we hear today.

“Choke Throat” debuts gentler guitar picking and maintains their signature Elliot Smith-influenced vocals. A saxophone stirs as the song nears its end, underscoring a certain sentimentality. It was written by frontman Kenny Becker after he had a serious surgery last year. He says:

The medication that I take now to maintain the benefits from the surgery sometimes gives me this crazy heartburn feeling that makes my throat feel like it’s closing up. It happens less often now, but it was happening a lot around the time I recorded this song. My life pre-surgery was really difficult due to crazy sinus/respiratory problems. A lot of those problems have been alleviated, and I’d much rather live with the occasional ‘choke throat’ than go back to how things were.

Listen to “Choke Throat” below.

Dusk of Punk/Happy Omen is out 7/13 via Partisan Records.

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