Since U Been, Uh, Waitasec, I…Um…Line?

EW’s Popwatch writes up Sunday’s Kelly Clarkson concert and counts the top 5 things that worry them about Smelly Kelly: she’s forgetting the words to her songs, and her “Madonna glove.” To be fair, they also name 5 things that they liked, including the fact that she can really, really sing, and she stuck around after the show. Go Kelly!

Also, you could send your text messages to a special number and see ‘em appear on the Jumbotron. Popwatch’s top 5:

5. If ur from Jersey put ur hands in the air
4. We’re missing Desperate Housewives
3. Make some noise if ur mom brought u here
2. Um, Kelly, it?s a school night
1. Is Justin Guarini opening?

Somehow I feel like that last little girl’s phone’s T9 has “Guarini” in it already.