New Live Britt Daniel – “Who Backs Your Money?”

That’s right, Britt Daniel, not Spoon. Through the power of bootlegging, we heard a live take of the strutting new Spoon track “Writing To You In Reverse” as it was performed at the 2008 Pitchfork Fest in July. Last week Britt Daniel performed a solo set at Wonder Ballroom in Portland as part of MusicFest Northwest. As far as new tracks, he did “Writing” again as well as “an aggressive uptempo number in the vein of their Telephono days,” and finally “Who Backs Your Money?” Through the power of bootlegging, we have audio and video of the latter. (It’s Janet Weiss on drums. The person shooting the video seems pretty excited about that fact, so the camera pans right/left quite a bit — just a warning, in case you get easily seasick.)

Here it is in portable form:

Britt Daniel – “Who Backs Your Money?” (MP3)

Both are via The Sly Oyster, who also posts some old favorites and lets us know he missed the title of the second new song (the “aggressive uptempo number”), but “you could almost here [sic] the Pixies influence in the tune’s rawness.” He didn’t get “great video” of it, but says “it was the best of the three” newbies. You’re such a tease, Sly Oyster.