Stream American Pleasure Club TOUR TAPE

Stream American Pleasure Club TOUR TAPE

American Pleasure Club (fka Teen Suicide) is a band fronted by the prolific songwriter Sam Ray. They released a new album in February on Run For Cover called A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This, and today they’re following it up with a brand new collection of songs. TOUR TAPE was unceremoniously released on Bandcamp accompanied by a message to fans. Here’s what it says:

i started making music bc i wanted to make it.. not any other reason. it felt necessary to make it – not to share it, not to sell it, not to do anything with it, just to have something exist that wouldn’t otherwise, unless i made it exist.
i wrote & recorded this album in the last 8-9 months, sold it first exclusively on our tour, but now were home and i want to share it. it’s free, but if you pay anything towards it, that helps immensely and lets me/us keep making music, recording music, hopefully releasing more music this way, for free, touring/performing when possible, etc. its incredibly appreciated. if you wanna grab for free or feel you cant afford to pay anything right now thats completely fine, thats awesome – all i can ask is if youre comfortable sharing it any way (with friends you think would dig it, on socials, whatever – i know it’s wack to ask but it’s necessary these days) that would help immensely. you cant really make music these days & expect anything – and thats fine – cause i always only ever wanted to make music to make it, and then to share it. i miss getting to do that and so…. here we are. i hope u like this, i hope you like these songs, this album, tape whatever. i love these songs

Stream TOUR TAPE in full below.

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