Arp – “Nzuku”

Arp, real name Alexis Georgopoulos, hasn’t come out with an album since 2013’s psych-pop-influenced MORE. Five years later, his sound is almost unrecognizable. MORE was made up of structured melodies and catchy riffs, punctuated by a few experimental tracks. The only constant in Arp’s new song “Nzuku” is the opening marimba, which persists throughout like a meditation bell.

“Nzuku” is the second single from his forthcoming full-length ZEBRA, following its lead single “Fluorescences“. It’s unpredictable like jazz and entrancing like new age, expanding into layers of synth, piano, and guitar. New tones appear as quickly as they’re zapped. Listen to “Nzuku” below.

ZEBRA is out 6/21 via Kemado Records and Mexican Summer. Pre-order it here.

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