Wyoming Ranch Says “No More Rappers” Following Kanye’s Chaotic Listening Party

Last weekend, Kanye West launched his new album Ye at a big listening party in Wyoming, near where he recorded it. West used private jets to fly a group of celebrities, journalists, and other prominent types to the ski-resort town of Jackson Hole, then had all of them driven to the Diamond Cross ranch in nearby Moran, where everyone stood around a campfire and listened to the new album. Reports from the party make it sound like a truly ridiculous affair. It seems unlikely that an event like that would ever come to the Diamond Cross Ranch again. And now the ranch’s owner confirms that no, it sure won’t.

Blast recently spoke with Diamond Cross Ranch owner Jane Golliher, who says that the site will be instituting a “no more rappers” policy after the listening party. She says that, while the event was great exposure for the ranch, it was also the “most confusing” event in the site’s history. West and his camp would change the plan “every 30 minutes,” and it violated the area’s strict noise ordinances. The lodgers at nearby ranches called in complaints, and Golliher had to send employees to talk to them. She also says that her husband threatened to pull the plug on the event.

Two funny details of the whole story: After West and his camp paid to have all these people flown out on private jets, they apparently didn’t pay that much to the ranch itself. Golliher now wishes she’d charged $50,000 to host the event, which must’ve been a tiny fraction of what West paid for the whole shebang. Also, while the ranch won’t host anymore rappers, Golliher says that she’d be open to a “day concert” that might feature “good music.” As opposed to G.O.O.D. Music.

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