Power Trip – “Hornet’s Nest”

Texan thrash demons Power Trip have made a whole career out of that glorious late-’80s moment where hardcore and speed metal crossed the streams and became one fast, heaving, violent beast. Last year, the band release Nightmare Logic, one of the best fight-music albums in recent memory. Today, they’ve followed it up with “Hornet’s Nest,” a one-off rager for Adult Swim’s Singles series.

The new song stretches out over an expansive four minutes and 39 seconds, probably more than twice as long as the average hardcore-influenced song. And yet it keeps its intensity up for the whole time, lurching from breakneck riffage to bellow-along chorus to bugged-out solo. The production is crisp and merciless, just to make sure you feel those bass drum hits in your ribcage when you play it loud. (You should play it loud.) Check out the song below.

Nightmare Logic is out now on Southern Lord.