Watch Weezer Cover “Africa” With Toto’s Steve Porcaro On Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Weezer Cover “Africa” With Toto’s Steve Porcaro On Jimmy Kimmel

Last month, after a long viral campaign from one fan in Ohio, Weezer finally caved and released their cover of Toto’s shimmering, nonsensical 1983 cheese-pop classic “Africa.” (They also covered Toto’s “Rosanna,” another massive hit from that same period.) Now that the “Africa” is Weezer’s biggest hit in nearly a decade, the band came through Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform last night, and Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro helped them out.

Even in concert, Weezer’s version of the song sounded lush and warm, with the band nailing the dazed synth hooks and the lost-in-space harmonies. Porcaro only joined the band onstage when the song was nearly over, playing the one part that, presumably, nobody in Weezer would be able to do. Porcaro, looking leathery and well-preserved, played the song’s keyboard solo, then waved to the crowd and faded back into the wings.

While Weezer were out there on the outdoor festival stage, they also took the opportunity to blast their way through their own classic “Buddy Holly.” (On that one, Porcaro did not help them out.) And according to, they also played three Pinkerton oldies — “The Good Life,” “Pink Triangle,” and “El Scorcho” — for the assembled fans. Watch the “Africa” and “Buddy Holly” performances below.

Weezer’s “Africa” cover is out now.

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