Stream Blushh’s Thx 4 Asking EP

Stream Blushh’s Thx 4 Asking EP

Blushh’s new Thx 4 Asking EP comes out Friday but you can stream it right now. The LA-based band is led by Shab Ferdowsi, who sounds truthfully lonely amidst all of her scrappy independence. The five song EP is a straightforward look into the painful mundanities of dating, breaking up, figuring out why someone didn’t text you back, and other thoughts that consume an anxious mind. That feeling of desperation quells by the time the choruses of these songs come around; they crash over the listener, big and empowered.

“What About My Plants?” melts right into the sticky anger of previous singles “Do I Look Tired?” and “I’m Over It.” But the EP’s final two songs leave a lot of Ferdowsi’s bitter, impassioned cries behind. “The Party Song” and “No One” are still loud and fast and poppy, but on these tracks it seems like Ferdowsi is in her head more, like you’re getting to hear her mind at work.

Stream Thx 4 Asking in full below via BrooklynVegan.

01 “I’m Over It”
02 “Do I Look Tired?”
03 “What About My Plants?”
04 “The Party Song”
05 “No One”

Thx 4 Asking is out 6/15 on Yellow K Records.

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