Max Tundra Shares First New Solo Tracks In 10 Years, “Loom” & “Spore Café”

It’s been ten years since Ben Jacobs released new Max Tundra material, with 2008’s Parallax Error Beheads You, but today he’s returned with two new songs, “Loom” and “Spore Café.” They’re included on the Incandenza EP, released on the one-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire in London. All proceeds will go to British Red Cross London Fire Relief.

The UK producer hasn’t been entirely quiet since 2008, however. He was behind last year’s Daphne & Celeste comeback album, and has released a share fair of remixes in that time.

“Here are two hitherto unreleased tracks I composed a few years ago, soon after I got my hands on the life-changing music software known as Renoise, a modern-day tracker sequencer,” he wrote in a statement on his Bandcamp page. “Which led me to flog my beloved Amiga 500 on eBay for the princely sum of about £20, grab a ThinkPad T520 and finally become one of those laptop musicians I used to point and laugh at.” He continues:

These tunes are my finding out what makes Renoise tick and learning how much fun it is to make subtly shapeshifting plugin-driven music the likes of which my old Commodore would have Guru Meditationed at. I remember wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone with these two tracks, trying to make the sort of EP that might come out on a label like Hyperdub – or my parallel universe version of that anyway. The songs are more repetitive and moody than my habitual chirpy, melodic output, and I hope you find them diverting at least.

Listen to it below.

The Incandeza EP is out now.

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