Jay Rock – “The Bloodiest” Video

Jay Rock – “The Bloodiest” Video

The TDE crew continues to make better videos than just about anyone. TDE member Jay Rock released his new album Redemption today, and it’s great — a ridiculously solid, expressive, hard LA rap record. And today, he follows up his strong, arresting videos for “King’s Dead” and “Win” with a just-as-good new one for the statement-of-purpose opening track “The Bloodiest.”

Colin Tilley directed the track, and it opens with a series of feints and misdirects. A rapper cooks something on a stove, something we’ve seen in about a million videos. But he’s not cooking crack; he’s making lunch for his kids. Then he’s walking down the street, past a fearful white woman who clutches her purse. But then she pulls a gun on him.

Director Colin Tilley keeps the stark, meaningful images coming: A back-alley surgical theater, a prison-visitation phone outside a house, a graveyard in a living room, a drive-by from police officers, a bathtub with blood bubbling up from the drain. For most videos, any one of them would’ve been enough to sustain a whole clip. But here, the ideas just keep flying. The video leaves us with a whole lot to unpack and contemplate. Check it out below.

Redempton is out now on TDE.

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