Elektra Records Founder Releases Album Of Ringtones You Can Buy On CD

Jac Holzman founded Elektra Records and Nonesuch Records and was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2011. Back in the ’60s, he released a series of albums called Authentic Sound Effects with his brother Keith Holzman. A few years ago, Holzman noticed that a lot of the tracks from that series were being downloaded to be used as ringtones, which inspired him to create a new album specifically to that end.

Cosmic Ringtones & Sonic Realms… Your Universe Is Calling is the name of that album, and it’s out now. It was performed and recorded by Holzman’s son Adam Holzman, and each piece is inspired by something in the celestial universe.

“I decided that having a theme-based collection, created specifically for the ringtone market, was the ticket forward. I’ve always been interested in astronomy, and selecting various objects and concepts from cosmology fit the ringtone world perfectly,” Holzman said in a press release.

The album is available to listen to on streaming services, and it’s also available as a CD, which contains a booklet featuring annotations about each song. It’s no Crazy Frog, but it’ll do. You can hear the ringtones album below.