Stream No Love Choke On It

No Love are a Raleigh, North Carolina band who play fast, efficient hardcore punk. Their take on the genre is pretty close to its early-’80s origins. Their songs are short and brisk, and they’re certainly not soft, but you can still hear riffs and hooks and melodies in there. Frontwoman Elizabeth Lynch sings with a forbidding sneer, but it’s not a demon-rasp; you can still understand the words she’s saying most of the time.

Generally, No Love sound more like Minor Threat or the Circle Jerks than like most of today’s hardcore bands. That sound, when done right, can be a lot of fun, and they do it right. No Love have released a couple of cassettes and one 7″. And on Friday, they dropped Choke On It, their full-length debut. The album rips through 13 songs in 21 minutes, and you can stream the whole thing below.

Choke On It is out now on Sorry State Records.

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