Fever Ray – “Wanna Sip (Olof Dreijer Remix)”

Karin Dreijer released the excellent new Fever Ray album, Plunge, last year. It was the first proper release we got from either of the Dreijer siblings since the Knife disbanded in 2014. Since Plunge was released, a bevy of talented producers have remixed songs from it, and today Dreijer’s brother and former bandmate Olof Dreijer gives his spin on “Wanna Sip”, as Pitchfork points out.

Olof Dreijer has transitioned into DJing post-Knife, and his new take on “Wanna Sip” has all the intricacies and forward movement that would light up a dark club, complete with flutes and a squelching underbelly. Since this is the closest thing to the Knife we’ll probably get for a long time, possibly ever, let’s savor it!

Listen below.

Plunge is out now via Mute/Rabid.