HTRK – “Mentions”

Australian experimental rock duo HTRK released their most recent studio album Psychic 9-5 Club four years ago. It was their first LP fully recorded as a two-piece, following their bandmate’s death in 2010. On it, they ponder bodily awareness, energy, and day-jobs over slinking synths. These topics feel heavier on their new single “Mentions,” from a forthcoming two-track collection Drama.

Guitars ring toward a question mark as Jonnine Standish bemoans existing online, outside of the physical realm. “It’s not enough attention for me / Even with another mention / It’s not really physical enough,” she breathes through the thick atmosphere, searching for something tangible and real. “How you gonna feel unfeelable?” Listen to “Mentions” below.

Drama is out 7/6 via Ghostly International. It precedes a new HTRK full-length album currently in production.

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