Oscar – “1UP” (Feat. Sarah Midori Perry) Video

Aside from this hilarious tweet, Oscar’s new single “1UP” with Kero Kero Bonito frontwoman Sarah Midori Perry is the first we’ve heard from the (Brit)pop-rocker since his debut Cut And Paste. Back in 2016, he easily managed to reflect the sad boy vibes of Morrissey. Now, the spacious, long and drooping voice is still there but his outlook is more triumphant, inspiring. He’s trying to start anew.

“1UP” is vibrant, colorful electronic pop crammed with lots of gamer puns and filtered, computerized sound effects — namely the noise that occurs when Mario receives ones of those little green 1-UP mushrooms, hence the title. It’s a song about second chances — extra lives, if you will — loaded with Oscar’s own anxieties about living single and releasing new music after two years away. And Perry remains her ultra-playful electro-pop self. Her eyes covered in glitter, she seamlessly switches between Japanese and English in her soft, British accent.

The music video is an aesthetic match: intensely stimulating, with constant flashes of nostalgic, pixelated video game ephemera. Watch below.