St. Vincent – “Fast Slow Disco” Video

St. Vincent – “Fast Slow Disco” Video

Earlier this month, St. Vincent remade her own song. “Slow Disco” had already been a highlight of MASSEDUCTION, the sharp, pop-flavored album that she released toward the end of last year. But then Clark released a new version of the song, retitling it “Fast Slow Disco” and giving it a pulsating, physical house beat. In a statement at the time, Annie Clark said, “I always felt this song could wear many different outfits and live many different lives. Here she is in disco pants, sweating on a New York dance floor.” And now she’s made a video for the song that takes that very literally.

The “Fast Slow Disco” video, from director Zev Deans, opens with the image of Clark on a dancefloor so packed that it’s practically a moshpit. She’s sweaty, she’s full of joy, she’s crushed in the crowd, and she’s lost in the moment. And you will probably notice that she’s the only woman onscreen. The men near her are dancing with each other. Most of them are muscular. Most of them have beards. A whole lot of them are wearing bondage harnesses.

Later on, we see Clark perched at the top of an actual orgy. (The video is technically safe for work — there’s no actual nudity — but, like, be careful.) And then she’s surrounded by men slow-dancing with each other. It’s a lovely, happy, visceral video and an affectionate depiction of LGBTQ culture. Watch it below.

MASSEDUCTION is out now on Loma Vista.

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