Watch Lomelda Play New Song “Hannah”

Last year, Lomelda released her excellent new album, Thx, and it was one of the best albums that came out in 2017. Since then, Hannah Read has relocated from her small hometown in Texas to Los Angeles. She has also been, of course, writing new music. Some of this new music has taken the shape of ambient synth recordings that she’s been uploading to Soundcloud over the last couple months.

And in a recent live session for Paste, she played a brand new Lomelda proper track called “Hannah.” It’s framed around the distances travelled, both emotional and physical, since becoming a touring act: “I sent you the sun from my hometown and Chicago and Atlanta,” Read sings at the beginning. “Sinking at the sight of your shadow on the sidewalk in Spain/ Or back in upstate, was it Jersey, at the airport to Alaska?” The song, named after herself, comes to a head with an internal directive: “Hannah, do no harm.” Watch and listen below.

And here are some of those ambient tracks:

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