Stream Nine Inch Nails’ New Album Bad Witch

Stream Nine Inch Nails’ New Album Bad Witch

The lead up to Nine Inch Nails’ new album, Bad Witch, has been short and sweet. We’ve already heard a single called “God Break Down The Door” and the band debuted a new one called “Ahead Of Ourselves” in Vegas over the weekend.

The album follows Nine Inch Nails’ EPs Not The Actual Events and ADD Violence. While fans might be quick to assume that Bad Witch would be the third installment in a trilogy of EPs, Trent Reznor insists on calling this an LP. Why? Because “EPs feel less important,” according to him.

Reznor did a bit of press leading up to this new release, and he’s had no problem saying what he thinks about apolitical pop stars like Taylor Swift. Nor does he mind stating that Kanye West has “lost his fucking mind.” What do you go to Reznor for if not the brutal truth?

Bad Witch is officially out. You can stream it in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Bad Witch is out 6/22 on Capitol Records.

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