Full Audio Of Radiohead Rarity “Come To Your Senses” Emerges For The First Time

Back in 2006, Radiohead toured the world without a new album to promote. Instead, they were workshopping new songs, many of which would appear on In Rainbows the following year.

This tour brought Radiohead to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on June 24, 2006. During the soundcheck, the band performed a song they’ve never played live, which fans have taken to calling “Come To Your Senses” thanks to Thom Yorke’s refrain. (The photo above is from the night before, June 23, when the band played the same venue.)

Up until now, only a one-minute snippet of “Come To Your Senses” has made its way online. But as Reddit’s indieheads forum points out, Hoserama, the bootlegger who recorded the soundcheck and shared the original excerpt of “Come To Your Senses” on the now-defunct AtEase message board, released full audio of the song Sunday on the 12th anniversary of the gig.

The complete “Come To Your Senses” runs just over seven minutes. It’s a rootsy, electro-acoustic track that verges surprisingly close to country music at times. This sound is not entirely foreign to the band’s discography, but I can honestly say I’ve never heard a Radiohead song quite like this. Check it out below.

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