Watch Kim Gordon On The Opposition With Jordan Klepper

Since it first started airing less than a year ago, The Opposition With Jordan Klepper, Comedy Central’s satirical version of a conservative talking-head show, has featured appearances from indie rock types like Ty Segall (who also did the show’s theme) and of Montreal. Earlier this month, Comedy Central announced the show’s cancellation. (Klepper will instead get a new show that’ll just be called Klepper.) The Opposition’s final episode airs tonight. But just before it ends, Klepper got to feature legendary bad motherfucker Kim Gordon on his show, so chalk it up as a win.

Gordon, the former Sonic Youth co-leader, acts in the new Gus Van Sant movie Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot, and she’s getting ready to release a new album from her duo Body/Head. She talked about both of those things on the show, mentioning how she pattered her performance in the movie after Melania Trump. And she said that the new Body/Head album is “sort of post-Beatles,” which is fun to think about.

And she also talked about the “incredible crisis” that the new Supreme Court opening will cause. So she feels the way we all feel. Here’s the interview:

Body/Head’s The Switch is out 7/13 on Matador Records.