Decemberists Fan Orders Her Majesty On Amazon, Gets Something Even Better

Comedy writer T.J. Chambers ordered a copy of the Decemberists‘ sophomore LP Her Majesty on Amazon, but Amazon accidentally sent him Christian Death‘s Only Theater Of Pain. A classic mix-up!

Chambers wrote on Twitter, “Hi @amazon I ordered a @TheDecemberists LP and you sent me a band called Christian Death’s presumably seminal album ‘Only Theater Of Pain’ so…I guess I’m gonna check it out? cc @colinmeloy @MRCHRISFUNK et al.”

@AmazonHelp quickly addressed the mishap, but Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy insisted that Chambers keep the record. “That’s actually a pretty classic record. DO NOT RETURN,” Meloy tweeted back. It looks like I, too, will be checking out Christian Death’s Only Theater Of Pain.