Chromeo Cancel Australian Tour For Health Reasons

Montreal synth-funkateers and festival mainstays Chromeo just released Head Over Heels, their most recent album, a few weeks ago. They’ve been at this for a long time, and they’ve been in promotional overdrive for the past few months. Apparently, that schedule has had an effect on them. The duo announced on Twitter this morning that they’re cancelling the Australian tour dates that they had coming up.

In their Twitter announcement, Chromeo cite “the rigors of our touring schedule,” and add, “we need to prioritize our health and well being.” They don’t go into specifics about their health and well being. But it’s not that hard to see how an intercontinental flight for a few shows could be an exhausting prospect, especially after you’ve been making trips like that for a decade and a half. Here’s what they write in the announcement:

To all our funkateers and chromettes in Australia,

We are truly sorry to announce that our upcoming July shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Splendour In The Grass have been canceled. It’s been so long since we’ve visited you last and we were so excited to play for you. Unfortunately, the rigors of our touring schedule have caught up with us and we need to prioritize our health and well being. We’re being told that this period would be best served as a time to rest. This was not an easy call to make. We hope you understand. Please know that we’re doing everything we can to reschedule our time in Australia. We will see you all soon.

Lots of love,
Dave and Pee

Apparently those talkbox chords can really fuck up your ribcage. Not saying that’s what’s happening here; just saying.

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