Stream Deafheaven’s New Album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Bay Area metal travelers Deafheaven don’t release new albums all that often, but when they do, those albums tend to be earthshaking events. Next week, they’ll follow up 2015’s New Bermuda with their titanic, convulsive fourth album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. In a lot of ways, it’s their most straight-up beautiful album, which is saying something.

The new album has only seven songs, and we’ve already posted two of them, “Near” and “Canary Yellow.” But taken together, those seven songs make up a long, intense hour-long sprawl. As ever, the band combines seething, spitting black metal with majestic, searching shoegaze. This time around, though, they’re more focused on beauty than ever, and their guitar textures are gorgeous, all-consuming things. It’s the type of album that has its own gravitational pull, the type of album you can get lost in.

On a morning when many of us are nursing hangovers, No Ordinary Human Love is the rare metal album that might actually help you with that, rather than making you feel like your skull is at war with your brain. And so I would strongly recommend that you head over to the NPR website and stream the album.

UPDATE: Now that the album is out and the NPR stream has expired, stream Ordinary Corrupt Human Love via Spotify below.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is out 7/13 on Anti-. Read our cover story on the band here.

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