Matt Muse – “NegroSaiyan” (Feat. Femdot)

Matt Muse is an emerging Southside Chicago rapper and a current teaching artist at Young Chicago Authors — the same writing and poetry program that helped launch the likes of Chance The Rapper. His new single “NegroSaiyan” is the final peak at his upcoming album Nappy Talk before its release this Friday.

Featuring fellow Chicago rapper Femdot, the track beams with self love. Muse’s delivery is assured; it surges toward you, digging into both his masculinity and his blackness. And the lyrics work to take his power back: “They hate the words coming out of my black lips” hits hardest. The word “lips” has a gusty confidence that dips, expands, and accentuates his push for self acceptance.

For Muse, this is his geek-out song:

“NegroSaiyan” is my homage to my love for my blackness & an opportunity for me to nerd out on a song. DragonBall Z was one of my favorite shows growing up, and my current hair reminds me of the super saiyans, but I’m black, so I’m a NegroSaiyan. Femdot is an avid DBZ fan too so he was the perfect feature for this, & it made it the most fun song to create on the project.

Listen to “NegroSaiyan” below.

01 “Nappy Nigga Winnin”
02 “Dont Tweak”
03 “What You On” (Feat. Mother Nature)
04 “NegroSaiyan” (Feat. Femdot)
05 “Shea Buber Baby” (Feat. Shawnee Dez)
06 “Same Me” (Feat. The Boy Illinois)
07 “Getting To It”

Nappy Talk is out 7/13 via TeamNeverStop. Pre-order it here.

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