Steve Aoki Announces New Pizza Delivery Service Pizzaoki

So we already know that Steve Aoki loves cake, and by that I mean, Steve Aoki loves to launch cakes into crowds of concert-goers like an olympic shot putter as “a tool of expression.” Seriously, his aim is wild, and so is this essay in The Daily Beast from 2014 penned by the DJ himself in defense of the cake throwing. But now the DJ notorious for hurling desserts has transitioned into the pizza industry and honestly, good for him for living his absolute culinary truth.

Aoki has just announced his newest venture, appropriately titled Pizzaoki, a restaurant that offers innovative pies via delivery. The pizza names all come from Aoki’s discography, with titles like Just Hold On (a cheese pizza with Mama Aoki’s sauce), Mayhem (cheese, pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, mushrooms, olives, onions and peppers), and DIMMAK (mozzarella cheeses, pepperoni, ground sausage and homemade meatballs).

The restaurant business seems baked into Aoki’s career. His father, Hiroaki Aoki, founded the famous Hibachi chain Benihana in 1963. Aoki’s pizza recipes will also incorporate a homemade sauce made by his mother, Chizuru Kobayashi. Pizzaoki, however, is the collaboration of the restaurant group Family Style and Aoki himself.

According to People Magazine, the launch will start with five kitchens that will service 16 greater LA locations. It’s going to be available through UberEats and Postmates.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll start throwing these pizzas into the crowd one day. One can only hope.

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