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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The worst thing about Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s “Bed” video is it’s not “Side To Side.” This is Gabriela Tully Playmore subbing for Tom — here are the five best videos of the week.

5. Lonnie Holley – “I Woke Up In A Fucked-Up America” (Dir. Ethan Payne & Matt Arnett)

This country is bullshit but this video is not bullshit. Lonnie Holley made a big statement out of very little; ambitious, showy directors should take note.

4. Soccer Mommy – “Scorpio Rising” (Dir. Jonny Look)

“Scorpio Rising” is my favorite Soccer Mommy song. It’s also Hayley Williams’ favorite Soccer Mommy song. This video does it justice, making a lovelorn tale of loss seem so epic that it could rearrange the cosmos. (The full thing is available on Apple Music.)

3. Madeline Kenney – “Cut Me Off” (Dir. House Of Nod)

If you’ve ever worked in an open office you know that they are designed by literal satanic demons who derive great pleasure from making your work experience a fucking hellscape. You have to listen to people talk on the phone all day, you can’t have a private conversation, you cannot pick your nose or file your nails in peace without anyone seeing, etc. Madeline Kenney defies stale office conventions by dancing on tabletops and injecting an otherwise terrible workday with a bit of fun. I’m writing this from an open office, by the way.

2. Kacey Musgraves (Dir. Hannah Lux Davis)

What can I say? I love watching women tell men to fuck off while wearing sparkly outfits and a chunky heel.

1. Jay Rock – “ES Tales” (Dir. Dave Free & Jack Begert

I hate video games but I love this video. It’s a simple, surreal concept that stays grounded in reality. Are we all living in a simulation? *Watches The Matrix once*