Stream Nef The Pharaoh & 03 Greedo’s Porter2Grape EP

Vallejo’s energetic Nef The Pharaoh and LA street-rap’s emo cult hero 03 Greedo have already proven themselves a prolific pairing on last month’s glorious “Ball Out.” Today the two West Coast rappers are releasing their joint Porter2Grape EP.

It’s 03 Greedo’s first release since he started his 20-year prison sentence in June after pleading guilty to methamphetamine and gun possession charges proceeding a 2016 Texas traffic stop. But due to a frantic recording schedule prior to his incarceration, it hasn’t stopped him from having an extremely hot year: God Level saw 27 tracks of his weirdo inventiveness, March’s Wolf Of Grape Street earned him Album Of The Week honors, and his release schedule doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

His jail sentence also doesn’t seem to be affecting Porter2Grape’s celebratory vibe. The five-track EP is a party of vivid homages, indulgently specific lyrics, and breezy beats. It’s warm and summer-ready, and New The Pharaoh’s future certainly seems bright. Listen below.

Porter2Grape is out now on KILFMB/Sick Wid It/EMPIRE.