Watch Animal Flag Play Rearranged Void Ripper Songs In Stereogum Session

Earlier this year, Animal Flag released a great new album, Void Ripper. It was the band’s first one recorded with a solidified lineup of musicians, though the Matthew Politoski-led project traces its roots back to 2009. The Boston-based band recently made their way down to our New York offices to perform some songs off their latest album, and they brought with them some stripped-back and reimagined versions of Void Ripper songs to suit the Stereogum Sessions setting.

“They’re pretty much the polar opposite of what the album sounds like,” Politoski said during the session. “It was a good musical challenge for us to come up with something that was in between a solo set and wasn’t quite the full bombastic rock ‘n’ roll show.”

They performed rearranged versions of the album’s title track, “Candace,” and album closer “Five.” Watch their Stereogum Session below.

Void Ripper is out now.

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