Saintseneca – “Ladder To The Sun” Video

Saintseneca – “Ladder To The Sun” Video

“Ladder To The Sun” is the second single from Saintseneca’s upcoming album Pillar Of Na. It finds the Columbus folk-rock act at their poppiest and peppiest, rolling along at a brisk clip and topped off with buoyant harmonies that wouldn’t be out of place on a Decemberists song. Thus, it represents a different side of the band than prior single “Frostbiter,” which erred on the grandiose side.

The song arrives with a video co-directed by Jon Washington and singer-guitarist Zac Little. All the band members appear in the clip, but it focuses on Little wandering his way through a dark, surreal nighttime environment in search of a glowing ladder. Some lo-fi special effects are put to effective use.

In an email to The Fader, Little explained:

Songs often come in fragments. You find tiny pieces — intriguing enough to keep looking for more, but it takes years of hunting to gather all the bits and assemble them into something of a whole. It’s rare, but sometimes in the most well trodden areas, where you’ve searched a 1,000 times before, found all there is to find, you see an odd thing sticking out of the ground. You dig, and it turns out it’s the whole dang T-Rex skeleton — fully formed, perfectly preserved. Holy shit, how did I not one see this before?!

I found this tune when I needed it. I was lost and sad. Its revelation felt like a productive cry. It felt good to sing — railing against certainty, cherishing a place where I could be surprised, even mystified.

Watch below, where you can also see the “Frostbiter” video Saintseneca dropped last week.

Pillar Of Na is out 8/31 on Anti-. Pre-order it here.

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