New Babyshambles – “Arebours” and “Up The Morning”

Pete Doherty, by Tim BurtonThanks to an anonymous college music journalist in Dublin (is what I heard), I’ve got the whole damn Babyshambles album, Down In Albion, and it’s pretty great, although it took a couple listens to get into the damn thing. I want to post all of it, but, as before, a few minutes’ work with Technorati or Icerocket should give you some solid leads.

Babyshambles – “Up The Morning” (MP3 link expired)

Babyshambles – “Arebours” (MP3 link expired)

In related news, Kate Moss has denied Pete Doherty permission to visit her in rehab, saying she’d only see “people close to her”. Maybe it has something to do with Babyshambles’ manager having to deny leaking the footage of her doing coke to the press. Awk! Ward! Come on, who’d get that mad about spilling a little booze on the console?