Golden Drag – “Caught Leaking Light”

In February, Greys’ Shehzaad Jiwani released his first single under his new solo moniker Golden Drag. Today, he’s announcing the release of the project’s debut LP Pink Sky and sharing a new track “Caught Leaking Light” that’s hard not to hum immediately after listening.

As the title might suggest, this song glows just as much as it fades — or rather, leaks. “Everyone my age/ Maxed out at just OK/ Mouth moving non-stop/ With not a lot to say.” Over shaggy guitar riffs and bright poppy chords, Jiwani’s wry lyricism sneaks through, filling the song with ennui as he laments the tedium of early adulthood.

In a press release, Jiwani explained, “This was the first song that came together for Golden Drag with the goal of writing a tune that was simple almost to the point of being stupid, then fucking around with it in the studio to make it sit in its own space. It’s almost like a jingle, except it just has three verses, no chorus, and a Robert Fripp solo.”

“Caught Leaking Light” is a deceptively sunny-sounding tune that addresses the monotony of settling into a late 20s/early 30s routine—working at a job you hate, getting too drunk, waking up bummed out, and then doing it all over again. Check it out below.

Pink Sky is out 8/10 on Buzz Records and Japan’s Moorworks. You can pre-order it here.