Eric Church – “Desperate Man” Video

Eric Church’s new single “Desperate Man,” the title track from his upcoming album, is basically a “Sympathy For The Devil” rewrite. That’s disappointing from a creative perspective, but it does make “Desperate Man” an ideal song for soundtracking a ’70s-style crime movie. So for the song’s official music video, that’s exactly what Church has given us.

It begins with Church waiting anxiously behind the wheel of a station wagon; we soon learn he’s the getaway driver for a robbery. From there we follow him back to his idyllic family life, which is interrupted by various shady dealings related to drugs and, somehow, the pressing of new Desperate Man vinyl. There are also FBI-type agents that instead work for Church’s label, EMI. I don’t fully follow the narrative, but it’s a lot of fun to watch, so do that below.

Desperate Man is out 10/5 on EMI. Pre-order it here.

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