Watch Beck Perform “Colors” and “Wow” on Colbert

Watch Beck Perform “Colors” and “Wow” on Colbert

On last night’s episode of his Late Show, by way of introducing his musical guest, Stephen Colbert claimed that Beck “used to crash on my couch in LA.” I have questions. Like: Isn’t Beck from LA? And hasn’t he been famous since long before Colbert was on Strangers With Candy? Was Beck just having trouble at home? Were he and Colbert just sleepover buddies? What was going on?

Anyway, Beck is getting ready to headline his first-ever Madison Square Garden gig, and he’s still finding time to promote Colors, the Spotify-core album that he released last year. On Colbert, Beck did two songs — the Colors title track on the show proper and “Wow” as an online bonus.

Beck isn’t the performer that he was in his ’90s prime, but he’s still a gawkily loose and engaging presence, and he’s still a lot of fun to watch. On Colbert, he dressed like an Amish fashion plate, and he never really stopped moving. Watch both performances below.

Colors is out now on Capitol.

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