Jeff Rosenstock – “All This Useless Energy” Video

On the first day of 2018, the veteran DIY pop-punk yelper Jeff Rosenstock released a really great and ambitious album called POST-. Rosenstock’s music videos have always been fun, clever low-budget affairs, and today, he’s got a new one, following up his “Melba” video with a new one for the anthemic, spirited singalong “All This Useless Energy.”

For the new one, Rosenstock plays a referee in a massive, ridiculous three-legged race, mostly populated by runners who do not appear to be actual athletes. Directors David Combs and Ben Epstein have made a big, ridiculous sports movie out of this, complete with dramatic slow-motion shots, villainous cheat moves, and epic come-from-behind triumphs.

Knowing Rosenstock, it’s tempted to see this as some kind of extended visual metaphor for something or other. But I’m pretty sure it’s not that. It’s just a goofy and fun music video. Check it out below.

POST- is out now on Polyvinyl.