Target Recreates CBGB For Grand Opening Of East Village Store

Target just opened up a new store in New York’s East Village. And for today’s grand opening, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, the new location on 14th Street and Avenue A featured a facade that recreated a stretch of an East Village street circa the late ’70s.

Most notably, this included a sort-of-recreation of the neighborhood’s iconic punk rock club CBGB, with “TRGT” written in the venue’s classic font and display windows featuring TRGT t-shirts, foam “rock on” hands, and a “The Resistance” poster, none of which were actually for sale. The “BANDS” promised by the sign came in the form of free boxes of Target-branded Band-Aids and exercise bands.

The faux street also included a stage with a Battle Of The Bands banner and an oversized novelty Target-branded bass guitar, a medium where you could get your palm “red,” a fake juice stand, and a stand giving away pizza slice keychains and sunglasses. The new Target location is part of a new building called EVGB, which stands for “East Village’s Greatest Building.”

Um, no. #gentrification #corporate #appropriation #eastvillage #nyc #cbgb #cbgbomfug

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