Watch Arctic Monkeys Debut New Look, Play “The Ultracheese” On Colbert

One of the most fun parts of every Arctic Monkeys album cycle is seeing frontman Alex Turner, a reliably foxy human being, debut his new look. He busts out a new one every time. And during this album cycle, he’s busted out two.

When the Arctic Monkeys released their loungey, way-out concept LP Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino a few months ago, Turner was doing a sort of ’90s-Vegas-dirtbag thing: Long stringy hair, goatee, tinted sunglasses. But last night, as the band performed on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, Turner showed up onscreen looking different. He’s shaved the goatee and the hair, and he’s subtly switched up his style, too. If anything, he looks a bit like the late Chester Bennington right now.

On the show, the band performed “The Ultracheese,” one of many rambly and discursive Tranquility Base songs. (They’ve played a lot of songs from the album on a lot of late-night shows, but this was their first time doing this one.) Turner played no instruments, and he didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands when they didn’t have a guitar or piano occupying them. Watch the performance below.

Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino is out now on Domino.