Dasher Break Up

The Bloomington-via-Atlanta punk band Dasher is no more. In a post on the band’s Facebook, frontwoman Kylee Kimbrough simply writes, “Hey everyone. Dasher is over. So long and thanks for all the fish.”

This isn’t the first time Dasher have broken up. Kimbrough started the band in Atlanta during the first half of this decade, figuring out her sound and eventually landing a deal with Jagjaguwar. But after recording one version of Yeah I Know, Dasher’s debut album, Kimbrough scrapped the record, ditched her bandmates, and moved to Bloomington. There, she put together a new version of the band and recorded Sodium, a new version of that same album. It came out a year ago.

Dasher’s music, a feverish and riff-heavy take on punk rock, was about as chaotic as their bio. This was classic ’90s-style noise-rock — a bit like what you might’ve found on Amphetamine Reptile or in the pre-Nirvana era of Seattle grunge. There’s not enough of that stuff in the world these days, so here’s hoping Kimbrough gets another band together, whether or not she calls it Dasher.

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