felicita – “shook” & “coughing up amber”

Anglo-Polish producer felicita has long been one of the more experimental parts of the PC Music collective, streaking his deconstructed electronic music with sharp bursts of noise. His full-length debut, hej!, is finally coming out next week. On first single “marzipan,” he enlisted Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek to reimagine an old Polish lullaby, and now he’s shared two new tracks.

“shook” is all sharp edges, two minutes of serrated synthetic noise and blown-out beats, while “coughing up amber” shifts through several different passages before eventually ending up in a ghostly ambient wash. The latter track began as “coughing up pearls” on 2016’s a new family EP and was reworked for the soft power dance piece before settling on its current form. Listen below.

hej! is out 8/3 via PC Music. Pre-order it here.

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