Harriet Brown – “Bag Away”

LA-based Harriet Brown smoothly and skillfully serves up cyber soul music. “Bag Away” is the first in a line of singles Brown will be rolling out in preparation for his upcoming full-length, the follow-up to last year’s debut Contact. The track squirms with a frantic anxiety. Everything moves in staccato pulses, like a nervous tick. Yet Brown’s voice remains cool and moody as it leans hard into R&B, and the chorus turns feel-good catchy.

In a press released Brown reveals:

“Bag Away” is the struggle of acknowledging paranoia — like being in a room full of people I’m uncomfortable with and feeling a lot of anxiety, knowing that I probably don’t have to feel that way, but I still do, because maybe everyone is staring at me.

Listen to “Bag Away” below.

Look for Brown’s new LP out early 2019 on Innovative Leisure.