Tyler, The Creator Freestyles Over Playboi Carti’s “R.I.P.” On “Tiptoe”

“And in another episode of wake up find a song i like write some cool guy words record it and upload to youtube by 11 am. todays beat is playboi carti ‘r.i.p’…”

Looks like there’s another Tyler loosie. This week he’s already shared the freestyle “Potato Salad” with A$AP Rocky and the $ilkmoney collab “NAGA.” It’s only Thursday. He’s been busy.

Today’s freestyle over Playboi Carti’s “R.I.P.” beat, which he’s calling “TIPTOE,” is longer and packed with important pop culture references — Backwoods, G.I. Joe, Lady Bird. He uses Diplo as a verb. I am most excited to point you towards the final verse all about The Incredibles. Listen to “TIPTOE” below.