Watch Brandon Flowers Sing “When You Were Young” Acoustic, Talk The Killers’ Origins On Seth Meyers

The Killers released a box set last month, but box sets don’t generally get bands booked on late-night talk shows. This past weekend, however, the band was in New York to headline the final night of the Panorama Festival. And while he was there, he stopped by Seth Meyers’ Late Night, talking a bit about the history of his band. Sitting down to talk to Meyers, Flowers called it “my first American couch,” so the experience of talking to a late-night host was a new thing for him, despite all the times the Killers must’ve performed on those shows.

Talking to Meyers, Flowers went over the Killers’ early history — meeting via a newspaper classified ad, performing their first show at a cafe’s open-mic night, playing “Mr. Brightside” for the first time. He also got into whether the Killers consider themselves a Vegas band, which was pretty interesting. And Flowers also talked about how the Killers have recently been bringing up kids from the crowd to play drums for them. (A nice moment: Flowers carefully considers the question of how often those drummers are any good.)

Flowers also performed on the show — doing a Killers song, but doing it without the rest of the Killers. With only an acoustic guitarist backing him up, he sang the Killers’ 2006 classic “When You Were Young.” The song was missing something without its huge, triumphant riff, of course, but Flowers sounded magnificent and looked great. Watch the interview and the performance below.

The Killers’ 10-disc box set is out now on Island.